Sunday, 27 May 2007


Over 95 minutes of Charles Fox conducting Jerry's music, live in Japan!
I challenge anyone to listen to his version of "Killing Me Softly", without crying!
Download this rare gem before the Score Nazi's have their evil way with the link!

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SteMc said...



steve2000a said...

I can't thank you enough for this or any Jerry Goldsmith score you might post. Me being a Goldsmith fan.

MP said...

Actually this was Charles Fox conducting Goldsmith,or at least part of the concert, which explains the inclusion of "Killing Me Softly".

Always a great share for those who needed it!

SteMc said...

Whoops, mp, my mistake! :)

MP said...

LOL sorry stemc - didn't mean to sound anal ! It's a great share no matter what.

SteMc said...

not at all, mp! Don't be daft. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. I've amended the post, cheers. :)

Clint's archive said...

Hi, could someone provide a track listing for these 2 discs, much appreciated.

Lv99 Slacker said...

Huh. If a track could not be extracted due to corruption (CD1/track #5), does that mean I should re-download this archive?

Dana said...

Disc Two is simply amazing. Who did those arrangements? Just superb, that's all.

It's killing me that there is no track list for this. Help, someone?

I looked all over the internet, and could find no such CD release, so THAT was no help....

Musica42 said...

Better late than never. I've figured out the track listings to all but one of the tracks, so here goes:

CD 1
1. Star Trek: Nemesis
2. The Last Castle - September 11, 2001 (Theme from The Last Castle)
3. The Last Castle - Military Justice
4. The Last Castle - Taking Command
5. The Last Castle - The Flag
6. unknown
7. The Illustrated Man
8. The Omen

CD 2
1. The Sand Pebbles
2. Chinatown
3. Air Force One
4. A Patch of Blue
5. Poltergeist
6. Papillon
7. Basic Instinct
8. The Wind and The Lion
9. Patton - Main Title
10. Patton - The Hospital
11. Patton - Attack
12. Patton - The Battle Ground
13. Patton - The Pay
14. The Edge
15. Soarin'
16. Killing Me Softly
17. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Anyone know what track 6 is off of CD 1?

Anonymous said...

CD1 track 06 : The Sum of All Fears - The Mission (includes If We Could Remember)