Wednesday, 30 May 2007


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I have OSTs aplenty said...

I went running for this soundtrack Appachu!

" As a rare atmosphere at high elevations ---- water is nineteen times lighter, and by consequence nineteen times rarer than gold."

Sir Isaac Newton said this. I say of that for ' Where Eagles Dare ' ----- What a gem from Ron Goodwin.

How could you produce this ' out of stock bubblegum ' man ?

I die for Ron Goodwin. Could you please post his links, especially his war themes complete compilation.

Also Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra (TOKWO), a professional concert band that has long been regarded as one of the world's finest, perhaps rivaled only in recent years by the Dallas Wind Symphony (USA).

TOKWO was established in 1960 by the lay Buddhist organization Rissho Kosei Kai at its headquarters in central Tokyo.

TOKWO Is highly active, both within Japan and abroad, as a professional touring and recording ensemble.

Its members include some of the finest woodwind, brass, and percussion players in Japan.

Allay loo tu nuv (Celebrate the win).

liamke said...

Thanks man for this wonderfull score from Ron Goodwin.

You have a nice blog;
greetings from Belgium,


leadie53 said...

Thank you so much for this...haven't been able to find this for years

Anonymous said...

OMGs, i've only had the title theme for the longest time..

Thanks so much!

irwantawa said...

thx, for sharing this best album Ron Goodwin,
warm regard from Medan _ Indonesia

William Waybourn said...

DCMA complaint filed; RIAA notified. Please remove this link and all information pertaining to this title ASAP or face prosecution.

William Waybourn
Screen Archives Entertainment

lesbrown said...

Great soundtrack (and movie). Thanks. Lost mine years ago. Too many divorces.

Plinio said...

Many many thanks

The TSO is so rare